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Facial Discrimination Battery (Desktop) Touchscreen Red Rhino Systems initiated and designed a touchscreen system for Dr. Johnnes Rojahn, Professor of Psychology and Director of the School Psychology Program at George Mason University.  This system enables children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (including autism), to participate in studies using touchscreen technology - touching pictures of faces onscreen - instead of being required to use a mouse or keyboard.  The software captures numerous data elements as the child moves through the test giving staff valuable insight into otherwise inaccessible data.  The software captures data elements such as whether the student changes his/her answer, how many times the answer is changed, in what order the student answered the questions, how long it took to answer each questions, and of course, how long the overall test took and how many answers are right and wrong. A further benefit of this system is the elimination of all the books that were previously required to administer these tests.  Huge volumes of books were carried (or wheeled) between test sites.  These books are no longer needed as all pictures, questions, and answers are built into the system.
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