Tame Your Data!
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Tame Your Data! (tm)
Online Database Examples Click here to try the Print Shop example Here are some screen shots and tips for testing the Print Shop example. This is a pretty simple example.  You are the owner of a print shop and here you can see all the orders that have been placed.  You can quickly search for orders by many different criteria, by customer name, dates the orders were placed, etc.  This could easily be updated to only show the orders assigned to the person logging in.  For example, if Michelle logged in then she would only be able to view the orders she created. Now you, as the owner, when you log in you would see all orders, so typically these are examples of the screens you might see. The Print Shop example show a few different ways of searching for orders.  When initially displayed there are 18,000+ orders shown but you can narrow it down in several different ways. by order number client name status a date range for when the order was received by order taker and by the billing amount Furthermore, there is a secondary search area that is inclusive of the top search area.  This is a dynamic search field; if you click on one of the sort fields (indicated by the field name being underlined) then you can search by that field.  These are just the fields we chose for this example, you would let us know the fields most important to you.  Try typing >300 into the Bill Amount search field.  You can press Enter or click the Search button.  You will see there are two orders that are over $300, both orders were taken by Michelle.  You can see the total number of pages printed, how long it took to take the order and ship it out (Average 2 days), and Michelle’s commission on these two orders, totals etc.
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