Tame Your Data!
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Tame Your Data! (tm)
Online Database Examples Click here to try the Customer Orders example Here are some screen shots and tips for testing the Customer Orders  example. 1) The customers on the top are linked to their orders below.  Click on the customer you want to add a new order for and you notice their current orders appear below.  Now just start entering the order information. 2) Once you have entered the new order/invoice information click the disk or Save icon to the left. 3) Now the order/invoice has been created you are ready to start entering the items the person has ordered.  Click on the View/Edit Line Items button. 4) Entering the items ordered is simple.  If you know the Product Code you can start typing it in.  As you type the program will automatically try to find a match.  Once found, it will fill in the description field and the price field.  Alternately you can go straight the to Description field and start typing the name of the item. As you type the program will start to filter the matches it finds once you find it it will fill the Product number and price for you.  All you need to do is enter the Quantity and the program calculates the total.
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