Tame Your Data!
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DATABASES WEB / DESKTOP Red Rhino Systems provides database services using Microsoft Access to clients in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia area.  We also provide database services remotely for clients located anywhere.  So many websites are static - you read something and move on - but if you've taken the time to collect data, if you have clients, a sports league, donors, volunteers, not- for-profit information, mailing lists, or any number of other data related projects, you can put your data online making your website much more engaging and useful.  If you already have a database then great! but if not then we can help with that too; Red Rhino Systems are experts in designing and creating databases.  We are especially adept in Microsoft Access (part of the Microsoft Office Suite). Is your data in Excel?  No problem, we can convert it from Excel into a relational database and put it online, or, leave it in Excel and we can put your spreadsheet online*.  Red Rhino Systems can rapidly put almost any data source online, including Microsoft Excel. On other pages you will find some screen shots from our examples and links where you can test the examples yourself.  We are in the process of adding working demo’s to the site so please check back often.  Some of the examples may require a sign-in & password so you can see how certain people, when logged in, can only access the data they are responsible for.  Other examples  do not require any login.  Most companies distributing their data online will want some security built in, though the choice is yours.  If you are a small business, large business, not-for-profit, any business! in need of database services, please contact us. Please explore the examples and contact us if we can help put your data online. Red Rhino Systems offer:     MS Access database modifications, tweaks, speed improvements     MS Access database development from scratch     VBA, Queries, Reports, Import/Export of data, SQL Coding     Desktop, Networked, and Online databases     Secure Online Web Databases with Geocoding & Google Maps     Alpha Five database development
Tame Your Data! (tm)
* There are some limitations when putting MS Excel online.  Contact us to see if it will benefit your project.
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