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Tame Your Data! (tm)
Online Database Examples Click here to try the Copier example These are screen shots and tips for testing the Copier Example. This example uses the Search area a little differently than the other examples.  One thing you notice is the Model search area has nothing to choose from, this is because it only gets filled once you have chosen a manufacturer.  Once you have chosen a manufacturer then the model field will show only those models available from that manufacturer.  This ensures you will not be wasting time looking for a Model that does not belong to a manufacturer who does not make it. The left side of the screen will display an icon     if that particular models has options.  Double-clicking anywhere on the row will display those available options in a dropdown window. This screen example also offers a secondary search (or filtering) option.  It is additive to the main search area, meaning, the main search is performed and then the secondary search will further filter the initial search.  As an example, you can enter SAVIN for the manufacturer and in the secondary search enter DUPLEX.  The search will now look for any copiers with the option of DUPLEX and where the manufacturer is SAVIN. If there are any details about the copier you are interested in then a button appears on the right side of the grid.  If you press this button you will get a fuller description of that item.  I our current demo we do not have many, and the wording may not maych the item you are looking at!  This is only because this is a demo. You can also print a quick list of those copiers you have on the screen.  If you have filtered the list and/or sorted it then those filters and the sorting will be carried over to the quick report.
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