Tame Your Data!
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Tame Your Data! (tm)
CAS Rapid Score (Desktop) CAS Rapid Score (CAS RS) takes a paper based scoring system and computerizes it.  The computer version mimics the paper based version in how it looks.  Psychologists entering scores into CAS RS are presented with identical looking forms so there is no learning curve.  As psychologists type in the answers the software scores the test by using hundreds of lookup tables and computing the statistical relevancies on the fly.  The time savings for psychologists is enormous as they no longer need to manually flip back and forth between different books and different pages to produce the correct scores. CAS RS computes the significance of several test batteries allowing psychologists to easily compare the difference between them. Scores can be entered directly onto the opening page or the psychologist can step through each page to enter the full battery of scores, regardless, CAS RS keeps track of each score, computes its value, and copies the score to the corresponding line on the front page. Narratives are dynamically created based upon the score the child earns.  Psychologists can print the narrative as is, export it to MS Word, or easily cut and paste sections into other programs. For entry into the Student’s file, a final score sheet and graph is printed. Student records are saved and can be recalled at any time.  Although it may not look like it, this software is written in Microsoft Access.  CAS Rapid Score is distributed worldwide.
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